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I'm a student at the University of Memphis majoring in English. If you want me to like you, you must either have the ability to create, the ability to question, or the ability to empathize. If you want me to love you, you must have all three... Or be obsessed with the same fandoms.


Pumpkin Sticky Buns


Pumpkin Sticky Buns

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Might I just point out that Mercutio got stabbed in the gut and, instead of seeking medical help, stood up and made a pun about it then died.

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I don’t care if he was smoking a doobie a mile long, it wasn’t a shooting offense.  Stealing cigars, if true, wasn’t a shooting offense.  He could have been letting air out of the tires of the chief’s fucking tires and it still wouldn’t be a shooting offense, you know why?  THERE IS NO CRIME IN THIS COUNTRY THAT IS A SHOOTING OFFENSE.  Even if he’d been jailed, arraigned, gone through all the procedures of court for felony murder in a death penalty state, been found guilty and exhausted all of his appeals, no one could shoot him.  As it was, he was walking down the street.

Walking.  Because that’s what dangerous guilty horrible criminal persons do in this country, friends and neighbors, they walk down the street, ignoring the police officer in such a perverse, vicious, and heinous manner that the police officer, protecting and serving his tightly gripped ass off, shoots him.  Multiple times.  Because everyone knows the white policeman would never just plain haul off and shoot an innocent man in these United Racist States.

I hate this.  There will never be justice here.  Never.

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where do these white dads come from

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You can be proud of your sexuality and still in the closet for your own safety. Not everyone you know has to know that you’re not straight for you to be a ‘good’ queer/gay. Protecting yourself from homophobes is not ‘contributing to the issue’. Do not come out into a dangerous situation with no support network or without any financial independence. If you think someone might out you, don’t tell them shit.

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i hope that, wherever my hair ties go, they’re happy. that’s all that matters


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i’ve been drinking, i’ve been drinking


i’ve been drinking, i’ve been drinking

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I need this 

I need this 

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This is one of the most adorable comics I’ve ever read

I’ve been waiting for this to pop back up on my dashboard.. we are way too hard on ourselves.

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